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Protection through Insurance Agencies in Panama City Beach

Protection through Insurance Agencies in Panama City Beach

Florida is the state where the sun, sand and sea are the biggest attractions to tourists, during the right time of the year, of course. Unfortunately, for the people who live in Panama City Beach, this piece of heaven on Earth can result in a number of nasty surprises in the form of natural disasters.

Insurance agencies in Panama City Beach offer a number of effective solutions to handle situations like these. One can never know exactly when a disaster decides to strike.

Most insurance agencies of Panama City Beach advise consumers to start preparing for the hurricane season from June, as it usually lasts till Halloween.

Why You Need to Invest in A Good Insurance Agency in Panama City Beach

Being able to avail the general benefits of a homeowner insurance policy can stave off high costs of damages that can be incurred by hurricanes. An insurance agency in Panama City Beach, such as Coastal Community Insurance Agency, can help you protect the following:

  • Your home, which consists of the walls, flooring, tiles and/or carpeting and the structures attached to the house like a garage.
  • The physical structures of the house that are not attached to the house, i.e. a pool, storage shed or an unattached garage.
  • Protection of personal possessions like appliances, furniture and clothing may also be covered. Some personal possessions are excluded from this. However, your insurance agent can adjust your coverage package according to your requirements.
  • Damage to property from fire, storms or hail, explosion, vandalism, theft etc.

Insurance agencies in Panama City Beach offer homeowners a number of coverage policies that are flexible according to the needs of the homeowners. When living in place like Panama City Beach it is highly advisable to protect yourself with some form of insurance in order to free your mind from the mental stress that comes with extensive renovation and repair costs.

Safety Measures You Can Take Yourself

There are a number of preventative measures you can take in order to save yourself from the losses that occur due to the onset of a hurricane. Some of these are listed below:

  • Important documents these are usually stored online to keep them safe. However, if your electricity gets cut off frequently due to adverse weather conditions it will be better to have hard copies of important pieces of documentation like insurance policies, wills, tax information and passports. In order to protect these documents, seal them in a waterproof container or plastic bag.
  • Due to shortage of usable water at the onset of a disaster, make sure you have reserved water in your bathtub and coolers. Set your refrigerator to the coldest setting.
  • Instead of using candles, use emergency lights and batteries to prevent a fire. Since electricity will be out, make sure you have fully charged batteries for your torches, mobile phones, etc.
  • Invest in a camp stove and daily use utensils like a manual can opener.
  • Make sure your car has enough fuel. Keep some extra fuel on hand in case of an emergency.
  • If you have babies and children in the house, make sure you are stocked with baby diapers, baby formula, and first aid kits, etc.
  • Do not rely on electronic money during or after a storm, as most ATMs might not be functioning.
  • Protect all the openings of the house like windows and doors using shutters and panels.
  • Make sure your trees are trimmed, to prevent any fatalities in case of a hurricane.
  • If you are evacuating, make sure you start early for your shelter; studies have shown that can take up to 99 hours in South Florida,

A storm or a hurricane is a serious natural disaster. Do NOT take this lightly. Protect yourself and your family by staying indoors and far away from windows or doors. Coastal Community Insurance Agency provides effective insurance coverage packages for the homeowners in Panama City Beach. Feel free to call us on 850-851-0376 and we will happy to provide with insurance packages that are suited to your needs!

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