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Commercial Umbrella Insurance In Panama City Beach, FL

Commercial Umbrella insurance is made to protect your company and you personally from a large range of threats, providing insurance coverage over and above the regular liability limitations of basic commercial coverage . An Umbrella policy will protect your business from any an amount over your basic coverage .For instance, a basic insurance policy by itself might solely protect your business and workers to a specific dollar amount. Assuming that somebody has an injury on your property which leads to a law suit, the limitations on your insurance policy might not be adequate if the settlement deal is a lot of money. In the absence of an Umbrella policy, virtually any damages over your basic policy limits will need to be paid from the business . The exact scenario could happen if a collision while driving results in a legal action for a sum surpassing overages on your business’s automobile insurance policy.

Coastal Community Insurance Agency has Umbrella insurance coverage to meet your current plans by offering extra insurance coverage for bodily injury and property damage, along with various risks never covered within your traditional policy.  Our agents at Coastal Community Insurance Agency will make sure that your Umbrella policy takes care of anything over the limitations of your current plan.

By getting any of our great valued Umbrella policies, all owners can safeguard there business in today’s trying legal times.